UNFPA Thailand in cooperation with Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Raks Thai Foundation Chiang Mai have organized a training session for working panel to understand the curriculum content for Youth Advocates training to be representatives in monitoring process under the Act for Prevention and Solution of the Adolescent Pregnancy Problem, B.E. 2559 (2016) with the working process focusing on impartiality, equality, and the partnerships of adults and teenagers.

The session was held during 16 – 18 October at Ibis Style Chiang Mai Hotel witnessing participants from joint working panel and Raks Thai Foundation teen pregnancy project, and youth council and youth participation staff consisting of 14 representatives from care homes and families, staff from youth council Chiang Mai, staff from Chiang Mai Public Health Officer, staff from Chiang Mai Social Development and Human Security service, Raks Thai Foundation staff from its northern chapter.

The training session aims to offer the knowledge and understanding of the content of the curriculum for the operatives developing youth potentials to be gender right defenders, to prepare speakers for projects promoting youth participation in monitoring processes under the Act for Prevention and Solution of the Adolescent Pregnancy Problem in Chiang Mai. This training focused on empowering youth to access, be knowledgeable, and have awareness of their own rights as well as to have good potentials in making their own informed decisions, to gain access to reproductive health services, to organize all-round welfare for all and without prejudice, and finally work together with governmental agencies, local authorities and communities.

The main target group benefited by this project is expected to be 30,254 children and youth at the age of 10 – 24 years old living in six districts of Chiang Mai.

This project reflects the important role of UNFPA Thailand in offering academic services designing methods and tools in monitoring the implementation of The ExpandNet/WHO Framework for Scaling Up as well as in assuming the academic supervising role in the overall project while ThaiHealth offers financial sponsorship.