Not long ago, the author had the opportunity to talk about the leadership lessons to work on projects Women wellbeing program is funded by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth). In the last three years. Bring to bear witness to the formation of a new social movement, women’s issues. This quality is something different from the original.

Nearly 50 people work in the formation stage of life lessons. Both NGOs and owners of problem areas that are unjust social, sexual and overlapping layers. Hmong women’s networking group. Muslim women from Pattani, The silk from Surin Those with HIV infection at Khon Kaen, and working group on teenage pregnancy program as well as villagers from Amnat Charoen. And state health officials in Songkhla from the Mass. The corporate executives with the trade union organizations join hands to change the size of 13,000 people, to be free of sexual harassment. A group of female officers who are building a system to investigate sensitive towards women and children. And a group of scholars from the Ministry of Health and universities is creating programs and processes to organizations in the health system of the state understand the health of women and gender equity.

The authors feel the energy of a lively, cheerful acceptance and respect of each of these groups. Many people say their relationship with each other. Make them feel like coming home every time they meet.

We agreed to come. “The new leaders” working women scattered in various areas. Are helping to move the power to change the culture. social structure behavioral patterns Beliefs and ideas generated by the more powerful. And crushed a lesser man must follow the silent and powerless to resist.

The leader of this new group of “power within” their own work, the use of “power sharing” in the process of work. And with the goal of working to reduce the “dominance” of the social advantages.

The first priority of a new quality in the work process. The concept of Smatan “Women on the base spirit to liberate the oppressed. (Anti-oppression Spirituality Feminism) “through joint training center for women, peace and justice, Chiang Mai. This concept is developed from the idea of two lines.

“According to the feminist culture” aimed at reducing violence and social crisis caused by the “rule” of the repressive culture and social structure is a large man. Healing Revival “inner power” of the oppressed. That is, women, disadvantaged and underprivileged. To the oppressed stand up very strongly. Liberate themselves from oppression and work together to change the oppressive social structures. To a society that “power sharing” relationships with respect, dignity and equity of human worth. Equity of men and women complementing share empathy and empowerment of all people in all contexts.

And “Learning to Change” which aims to develop a holistic human body, mind and spirit to encourage potential to reach the truth, goodness, and beauty that mankind exists. To change awareness narrowness of mind that our fragmented, divisive and inciting. Saw the link between self and things. Cause coexistence harmony and peace.

In addition to training together Train workers to create the conditions for another three main aspects of the work is moving with knowledge. The team is using a variety of different power-sharing. And to create the structural changes. And policies that create equitable gender and social justice.

Movement with Knowledge By design conditions for the community to see the problem clearly together. By doing the research involved. The collection of data from communities The band talked to many people in the community. Among the issues raised were never discussed formally before. Then synthesis and restore data back into the community. The result of this process causes. “I know the community together” and become inspired to help solve more problems.

The range of “new formation” with various groups of people come together to do this. Requires tolerance towards differences. Combined with the brilliant technique of nonviolence. Horizontal movement to share power. Make many areas surpassed the jump. Especially when people are seen as a group or community leaders joined the band. Because that is the problem with their own problems. Not just a matter of “women” or “other”.

When the team tried to work effectively. To try to be together. Review the goals and pace as well. The success of learning and practice together, it happens little by little. With compassion, commitment and complementary. The result was a substantial degree. Put what happened to talk to the authorities in the original work. Prospectus for the benefits that would arise if there is a broad “policy or the new work” is conducive to the long-term work.

Social movement of the working women’s issues that arise. To create a leading example of working hard. The results achieved in quick time, many such cases among Hmong ceremonies are held to be a widow and single mother more than 40 people back to the original family with dignity as people. A conservative rule change announced this formally one family clan and family in a family of four consultation Another 18 family clan in Thailand.

The number of teenagers who are not in the stomach. The ground plate. The Pana. Amnat decreased significantly. While hospitals Satingpra Songkhla. There was no system to deal with the issue of safe and friendly. The service users increased many fold. Which previously had to use the services at risk the health system.

Bangkok Mass Transit Authority Policies and practices to address the problem of sexual harassment within the organization is the first of the country. And the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security brought such material to prepare guidelines to prevent harassment or sexual harassment in the workplace. The Cabinet agreed on 16 June 2558 ago.

In the field of police work Female clubs that host a major breakthrough in the investigation that sensitive children, youth and women and is linked to the work of the National Police Criminal Investigation developing system as a whole.

For authors The spirit of “knowledge” and “love” that occurs in the process of working on women and gender fairness in this. Is an example of working as a social movement horizontally. The powers of the various parties to solve the social crisis together. And as an example to guide us through the crisis of the blind to the truth, and hatred for each other is as of now to get together.


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