A workshop on “Youth’s Right and Sexual Health and the Development of Public Policy” was arranged by the Platform for Positive Sexuality of Young People, also known as 3c4teen Platform, the project supported by Thai Volunteer Service Foundation.

15 young participants in this training included representatives of Children and Youth Councils from Ban Khaw Sub-District, Ranot, Songkhla; San Sai Luang Sub-district, San Sai, Chiang Mai; and, Chom Thong, Bangkok.

The objective of this training was to introduce and enhance the recruited youth to use Design Thinking Process as their campaign instrument in creating changes about sexual health in their contexts. Emphasis was paid on the procedure of campaign design with the actual voices of those experiencing problems in their areas, not from the participants’ points of view.

For Day One activities, the youth worked on various exercises arisen from closely familiar issues to have an insight into all stages of Design Thinking Process. The process gives priority to gathering opinions and analyzing the issue prior to the trial of campaign designing and piloting with their target groups. This was to be revised on Day Two after the participants had been quite acquainted with this tool and the procedures of Design Thinking. The young participants also had a chance to comprehend the difference between “sexes” and “gender roles” that femininity and masculinity are not naturally innate unlike the categories of sex, “male” and “female”; instead, the concept was created and fictitiously defined as “natural”. They also explored the feeling of falling in love that there are steps of relationship development, including “erogenous zones” over their own bodies in order to cope with the aroused feelings when they are being touched.

On second day, some of these teenagers just had a chance to experience the feeling of going out to buy and touch condoms by themselves for the first time. They also realized the values of femininity and masculinity that are bound to carrying condoms.

On Day Three, the last day, the youth participants practiced using the tools learned in the training session on the first day, including steps in preparing for collecting data with an interview to understand the nature of the target group before returning to design activities that each group created to address the issues obtained from the results of the interview analysis. The 3c4teen staff acted as a group mentor, both encouraging and guiding closely during the course. They will also monitor and follow up each group’s performance for three months (August-October) before coming back to get together again in late October, debriefing the learned lessons from the campaign.

The training was held at Let’s Say Café, Rajvithi 3 Alley, Bangkok, supported by the United Nations Population Fund or UNFPA Thailand Office.



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