On September 2-3, 2016, at Montri Resort, Don Mueang, Bangkok, over 20 young activists of 17 youth groups from across Thailand working to address six major issues — including education, creating children and youth engagement, politics and human rights, out-of-school children, environment and community rights, and gender role and gender equality — attended this workshop to enhance their project management skills. The forum, under the theme of “the Workshops on Enhancing Project Management Skills and Developing Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills,” was arranged by the 3C4TEEN Platform for Positive Sexuality of Young People (3C4Teen) under the Thai Volunteer Service Foundation (TVS), funded by the awarded grant from The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA Thailand).

The outcomes arisen from the forum on the first day included comprehensive understanding about project proposal and presentation which was delivered by special guests from Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) who shared their tips and tactics on how to present a project to receive full funding. The keys of project design appeared to be its clarity, tangibility and practicality, based on the local information of the target areas. The project management must take into account the possibility to scale up to policy level to create actual changes in the target areas.

Participants also had a chance to learn about financial documentation and the importance of financial regulations, regarding accountability, transparency, and without conflicts of interest.

On the second day, young activists actively participated in the forum on the significance and skills of listening for main ideas. They realized that these skills were important for both internal communication and working with the targets. They also practiced essential skills needed for better understanding as well as to increase their competency.

“Each project presented here is very interesting. Though it is small-scale, it seems apparent enough. Let’s focus on developing the proposal to show your objectives, what you want to do, outcomes and end products. Also, you need to address the issues of the project and the community simultaneously.”


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