On May 27-29, 2016 at We-Train International House, Don Mueang, Bangkok, about 30 young activists from 17 groups attended a workshop on developing a programme that serves their interests and objectives of advocacy. The six major fields of work include education, creating children and youth participation, politics and human rights, out-of-school children, environment and community rights, and gender role and equality.

The workshop is a sequel training session following the First Youth Advocate Network Forum on “Engaging Young Activists for Social Change” and also arranged by the 3C4TEEN Platform for Positive Sexuality of Young People (3C4Teen) under the Thai Volunteer Service Foundation (TVS), funded by the awarded grant from UNFPA Thailand.

The primary objective of the workshop is to provide these young activists with more knowledge to enhance their skills in designing a programme for social change and giving a presentation on the draft plan. The experienced staff from TVS and UNFPA Thailand also joined the workshop as a mentor coaching the participants and giving them the concepts and framework in developing a programme that aims to reach social change at the policy level. At the end of the workshop, the outcomes were 11 projects categorized into five broad issues, including:

Environment and Community Rights

  • Arrange children and youth development project in the local context of Chaiyaphum and Khon Kaen communities to learn about the importance of ecosystem as well as their local resources to increase community awareness.

Politics and Human Rights

Northern Region 

  • Connect advocacy groups with youth leaders as a single network to collect youth’s voice in each area and create a center stage in presenting the voice of young people to those who are involved in policy-making.

Northeastern Region

  • Organize an event in the form an advocacy to educate, communicate and promote the correct and comprehensive understanding of democracy and the Constitution, focusing on the “sound of silence” target group.

Southern Region

  • Support the education to raise human rights awareness by arranging a discussion group and referendum watch to be a lesson in the works on creating a mechanism to prevent violations of human rights.

Bangkok Metropolitan

  • Organize various activities to reach students in Kasetsart University to stimulate wider awareness about politics and more knowledge on the history of the university’s role in Siamese revolution of 1932.

Out-of-School Children Empowerment

  • Design curriculum to empower out-of-school children and improve their quality of life. The youth advocate network includes Teen Power from the North and White Dove from the South. The two groups will collaborate to share experiences through campus and community visits. Later the information will be synthesized and translated into a training programme which will be presented to the relevant authority for their approval to apply and implement as a training session for out-of-school children throughout the country.


  • Develop curriculum for young people on the lessons they could not receive informal classes, such as sexual health, using the community-based classroom, piloting in a school in the community to see the outcome before submitting a report to the relevant parties at the local level.

Gender Role and Gender Equality

  • Create an understanding of adolescent sexuality among adults in the community and advocate for the establishment of youth-friendly service centers by using peer educator approach in sub-district schools.






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